Fetchless Storm Update

So after a few more weeks of working on my fetchless modern storm list I’ve arrived at the following.


First I will discuss the major changes in the list, then the main role of each card in the sideboard, then finally the baseline current SB strategies for the main matchups we will face.


The big differences here from before are the inclusion of strategic planning over peer through depths and the removal of countermagic from the sideboard. Planning is given the nod over peer due to its ability to also find a medallion bear or land when setting up while also having built in synergies with Past in Flames. In the board I’ve cut both Swan Songs which while not bad cards have not been pulling their weight in versatility as they work well when under zero pressure, so the swan wont kill us or when we are actively going off. These situations are coming up less and less so I have decided to remove them to up the consistency of our hate “solutions”.



With storm the goal is to reduce the opponents deck to as few “real” cards as possible, i.e. cards that actually interact with us. These fall into a few main categories of discard, graveyard hate, “rule of law” effects, and countermagic.

Empty the Warrens – These are here to give us another plan of attack when the graveyard is going to be facing a lot of hate (~4+ pieces) and are not in a pure drag race. It is also good to consider boarding in 1-2 against some of the faster decks if you expect some leyline of sanctity.

Pieces of the Puzzle –  These are for when when we cant rely on our graveyard and/or are under attack from discard spells. They also serve as ways to mitigate against leyline of sanctity even in speed based matchups. Only 2 come over a couple gifts when speed is still quite important though (and graveyard hate isn’t too heavy). A common package for when empty and pieces are both good is taking out the gifts, noxious and 1 electromancer for all the empties and pieces.

Dismember – Here we have the removal for all creatures that bolt will not kill, when our life total isn’t a big concern, or we switch over to a “bearless” plan (like the one outlines in my last blog for against shadow). These mainly come in against Eidolon of Rhetoric, Scavenging Ooze, medallion bears.

Lightning Bolt – Bolt is quite versatile for us as it comes in against anything with either a hate bear, fast swarm kill, medallion bear, or when an instant speed lava spike is great. It is important to note that we can bring in these for even just softer “hate such as in the for of spell queller.

Shattering Spree – These are of course for against any form of artifact based hate (chalice, relic, cage, etc.) and artifact based decks, which usually try to race us. The reason for 2 spree over separately named cards is that Spree is that we commonly board out gifts against heavy graveyard hate and the it is most efficient way to kill many artifacts, such as against affinity. Also, it can handle the above named hate, even through counter magic.

Wipe Away – Commonly people have been running echoing truth here as it is cheaper and can handle multiple copies of a card. The big selling point is in the form of split second. This gives us a card that not only can now work against counters, which commonly have hate permanents we wish to bounce end of turn, but also answers relic cleanly with bounce. Another thing here is It can bounce lands to function similar to remand, which is huge for against titanshift decks as we have no actual counters. A small other corner case to remember is if we want a gifts package for artifacts or creatures it can be made with (specific answer) + noxious + wipe away + anything.


The main tactics of how these matchups play was covered in my previous post so I will be going straight to relevant “hate” cards and current SB in and out lists. Please note that these are the baseline boarding plans based on the hate listed and can be tweaked based on what exactly we see from our opponents.


Hate: Relic, cage, sometimes leyline

In: 2 Wipe Away

Out: -2 Planning


Hate: spellbomb, surgical, discard, counters.

In: Everything except 2 spree and 1 wipe away

Out: 4 gifts, 4 baral, 3 electromancer, 1 Noxious


Hate: relic, chalice, cage, wail, TKS, Surgical

In: 2 spree, 2 wipe away, 3 empty, 3 pieces

Out: 4 gifts, 1 noxious, 1 baral, 3 planning, 1 grapeshot


Hate: Eidolon, RiP, Thalia, Sculler, Mindcensor

In: 1 wipe away, 2 dismember, 2 Bolt

Out: 1 PiF, 3 Planning, 1 Peek


Hate: Eidolon, Cage, RiP

In: 3 bolt, 1 Wipe Away

Out: 3 Planning, 1 Noxious


Hate: discard, ooze, spellbomb, cage, surgical

In: 3 pieces, 3 empty, 2 dismember

Out: 4 gifts, 1 noxious, 2 Electromancer, 1 grapeshot

Jeskai / UW

Hate: counters, queller, clique, runed halo, leyline, RiP

In: 2 Pieces, 3 Empty, 2 wipe away, 2 bolt

Out: 2 gifts, 1 noxious, 2 electromancer, 1 grapeshot, 1 PiF, 2 Planning


Hate: counters

In: 2 dismember, 2 bolt

Out: 3 Planning, 1 grapeshot


Hate: Thalia, arbiter, TKS, sculler, RiP, surgical, discard

In: 3 Pieces, 3 Empty, 2 dismember, 3 bolt

Out: 4 gifts, 1 electromancer, 1 noxious, 1 PiF, 1 grapeshot, 3 peek


Hate: discard, leyline, pact

In: 2 wipe away, 1 empty, 2 pieces

Out: 3 peek, 2 gifts


Hate: cage, relic, RiP, cannonist

In: 2 spree, 3 bolt

Out: 3 peek, 1 PiF, 1 planning




2 thoughts on “Fetchless Storm Update

  1. hi, really nice articles, they’re helping my at getting better with the deck, would you explain me the sideboard plan against UW control and jeskai queller? btw i think they are very diferent matchups since UWR has 7 spot removals and no anger efects and UW has just 4 o 5 spot removals and 4 angers.
    I think the warrens are great against jeskai but against UW lot of times i put like 8 gobbos turn 3 just to get blown out by an anger, maybe im just playing bad the game i dont know haha (sorry if my english is mediocre, not my native language 😛 )


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