Fetchless Storm post Ixalan

Now that I’ve had a chance to play with opt on stream for a few weeks the following 75 is where I’ve landed.

GS 9-25-17

As I have before I’ll go through the changes, the main roles of each new sideboard card (the roles of the others can be found in my previous post), and finally the baseline sideboard strategies for many matchups.


The main difference here in the main deck is the addition of opt to finally have a nice 12 one mana cantrip suite where all the pieces provide real card selection. Another change is the return of remand to the list. these both come at the expense of the peeks, strategic plannings, and the the third electromancer. The inclusion of opt now gives us enough raw card selection to be able to cut down on the total cantrip package. As many of you probably know I’ve not been playing remand in my list for quite some time but now that we have the space I wanted to try it out again and I must say that it is pretty essential going forward. This is somewhat due to the shifting meta as well which makes us fight more on the stack against opposing counter spells. one thing to note is this list is designed for a more general metagame such as an open or grand prix. If your local meta is very fast, so you would want the third electromancer, I would recommend cutting either a remand or opt for it.


In the sideboard I have made only one big change in including 2 dispel over the second dismember and wipe away. This is also due to the resurgence in blue based control and tempo decks. I have chosen these over putting swan song back in due to not particularly needing the sorcery or enchantment modes  and that the 2/2 bird being a real cost in the tempo and grixis shadow matchups. The more minor change is the shift to the fourth pieces of the puzzle over the third empty. This is due to the higher prevalence of graveyard hate as well as the addition of remand to the deck. The remands give us more storm spell density due to its interaction with grapeshot


In my previous post I have covered the main hate cards to look out for so I will be just giving the baseline In and Out lists for sideboarding.


In: 1 Wipe Away

Out: 1 Opt


In: Everything except 2 spree and 1 wipe away

Out: 4 gifts, 4 baral, 2 electromancer, 1 Noxious, 1 Past in Flames


In: 2 spree, 1 wipe away, 2 empty, 4 pieces

Out: 4 gifts, 1 noxious, 1 baral, 2 opt, 1 grapeshot


In: 1 wipe away, 1 dismember, 3 Bolt

Out: 1 PiF, 3 opt, 1 remand


In: 3 bolt, 1 Wipe Away

Out: 3 opt, 1 Noxious


In: 4 pieces, 2 empty, 1 dismember, 2 bolt

Out: 4 gifts, 1 noxious, 2 Electromancer, 1 grapeshot, 1 PiF

Jeskai / UW

In: 2 Pieces, 2 Empty, 1 wipe away, 2 bolt, 2 dispel

Out: 2 gifts, 1 noxious, 2 electromancer, 1 grapeshot, 1 PiF, 2 opt


In: 1 dismember, 2 bolt, 2 dispel

Out: 3 opt, 1 grapeshot, 1 gifts


In: 4 Pieces, 2 Empty, 1 dismember, 3 bolt, 1 wipe away

Out: 4 gifts, 2 electromancer, 1 noxious, 1 PiF, 1 remand, 2 opt


In: 1 wipe away, 1 empty, 4 pieces, 2 dispel

Out: 4 gifts, 1 noxious, 1 grapeshot, 2 opt


In: 2 spree, 3 bolt

Out: 3 remand, 1 PiF, 1 opt


In: 3 bolt, 1 dismemeber, 1 wipe away

Out: 1 remand, 4 opt


In: 2 bolt, 1 dismember, 2 empty, 4 pieces

Out: 4 Gifts, 1 noxious, 2 electromancer, 1 PiF, 1 opt



5 thoughts on “Fetchless Storm post Ixalan

  1. Really helpful write-up, I really appreciate it Caleb. I’ve been jamming gifts storm for some time now and your streams/posts have had a huge impact on my success going forward. I can’t thank you enough, keep on storming it up!

    Liked by 1 person

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