My Bag

So I’ve been asked a lot about my minimalist lifestyle and in particular my bag. In the following I will first give a picture of everything (packed and unpacked), then go into listing each item and giving reasons for its choice.




Dakine Heli 12L: It may seem odd that I have chosen a snow sport backpack but I wanted something that had the ability to withstand downpours, minimal dangling straps, expandability, laptop sleeve, and was slim/close to the back.


Eagle Creek Pack-It Cube: This packing cube is to fit a lot of the smaller items together since with the single large compartment structure of the backpack many items would fall out.

Eagle Creek Pack-It Specter Quarter Cube (3): These 3 to contain all of my clothes, towel and passport. These are super light weight and also don’t retain any smell. Also being available in different colors means they are color coded for dirty, clean and jersey+towel.


Before I list my clothing one thing I would like to note is that all of it (besides my beanie and belt) are purely synthetic. This is by design as then all my clothing can repel stains, smells and dry quickly. Thus I have been able to reduce down to 2 copies at most of any item by putting them on multi week rotations.

Eastbay Compression Tank Top (2): These synthetic tank tops are the best of both worlds as they have the least material while also being the best for extended wear due to not having armpit odor accumulation. Plus they layer perfectly for warmth with either my vest or coat.

ExOfficio Give-N-Go Flyless Brief (2): These are not only synthetic but have a great antimicrobial treatment to keep odor down. They are also quite compact and can easily last 2 weeks between washes.

Marmot Pingora Pants: These are very lightweight hiking pants that have lots of reinforcement in on all the areas that usually wear out,  such as knees or backside. They are also decently wind proof which makes them fine for winter in urban areas. Plus they dry extremely quickly, which is needed as these are the pants I wear everyday.

Patagonia Houdini Pants: This pair was chosen since it packs up into its own pocket (smaller than a fist) which makes its the perfect pack up pair for if something were to happen to my other pair or during laundry.

The North Face Logo Beanie: I love wearing a beanie since I keep my hair super short and this is my favorite for comfort and warmth due to the inner ear band.

American Eagle Leather Belt: To be honest this wasn’t chosen for any super specific reason other than it works and I’ve had it since high school.

Microfiber Socks: I bought these since they are super compact and come in handy when my feet get cold traveling while sleeping.

REI Multi Towel Lite Large: Microfiber towels have been the best I’ve found for quickness in drying and compact size.

MTG Jersey: This is my jersey that I wear when playing in MTG events on weekends.


Patagonia Nano Puff Hoody:  This coat is super lightweight, packs into itself, and is warm even into the negatives. For myself it also doubles as an upper body sleeping bag when using my sleeping sheet + fuzzy socks combo to sleep on floors or airports.

Patagonia Nano Puff Vest: I also have this vest since I am usually cold or in a cold convention center, and as the hoody above packs into itself.

Rainbow Sandals East Cape Flip Flops: I personally only like to wear flip flops and these are perfect to live in as they have great arch support plus by having a rubber base getting wet it never a problem.


REI Micro Shower kit: This kit is perfect as it has just enough room to fit a travel tooth brush, floss, toothpaste, nail clipper, razor, deodorant, caffeine pills, multivitamins, ear buds, band aids, pen, sharpie, and (what I will detail below) shaver and laundry detergent.

Braun Mobile Pocket Shaver M60: This is the smallest battery powered travel shaver that actually works.

Eddie Bauer Travelon Soap Sheets: There are many brands of these but they all come in small packages that are great for when needing to wash clothes on the go.


Cocoon Microfiber Mummy Liner: This is my travel sleeping bag and due to being micro fiber doesn’t need to be washed often and when it does due its compactness can just be thrown in with my other clothes in a load.

Forbidden Road Nylon Portable Sleeping Bag: This was chosen due to it being a lightweight sleeping bag to be used at where I was living that can be used during colder months and when needed, stuffed into the expandable part of the backpack for travel or moving (as pictured above). Also this shares that benefit that the mummy liner has of being able to be washed with everything as a singular load.


Dell XPS 13 + charging brick: This laptop was chosen due to its portability and battery life while also being able to be used to stream to twitch.

Amazon Basics Ethernet to USB adapter: This is needed due to my laptop not having and Ethernet port.

Razer Atheris Mouse: This is also needed for stremaing and was chosen due to being wireless, battery powered, and having a button to assign as  clicking ok on MTGO.

MyCharge Portable Charger 2200 mAh: This was selected due to it having a built in charging cable while also being very compact.

Wall to USB charger: This is just a generic charger to be able to plug in my phone or portable charger.

USB to Lightning cord: This is also generic and is just to charge my phone

iPhone 7 Plus: Gotta have a smartphone

Samson Meteor Mic USB Studio Microphone + case: This is my portable mic that I use to stream.

EDIT:: (was added after the above pics but is included in video below): 3 Foot Ethernet Cable: Realized it would also be a good idea to also have a cable to compliment my adapter on the go.


Ultimate Guard Boulder Deck box (2): These were chosen since they are compact deck boxes for my (modern storm deck and storm box) cards that also give lots of protection.

6 Pack Gravity Dice + case: These are great for MTG grinding and fit right in the misc. pocket of my bag.

Nalgene .5L water Bottle: Great size for urban traveling as it isn’t very heavy full and can easily be clipped onto the backpack.

Detailed Video of Packing Backpack

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