My name is Caleb. This blog is a detailed description of my minimalist lifestyle and stories of my Magic: the Gathering exploits. 

8 thoughts on “Me

  1. I do not know where else to send you this since i tried on twitch,youtube with no answer.I wanted to ask you if you thought about changing your creatures to 3/3 since you may need duplicate reducers with humans(and thus thalia on the rise) and baral in multiples is bad.Also have you considered returning to fetches? Blood moon would solve many problems vs matchups like humans,jund etc.Last but not least i suggest you try Keranos as a 1-off in SB vs grindy matchups.You can even cast him turn 3 with great hand…If he stays on the battlefiels he is hard to deal with apart from bounce and exile enchantmants and can turn every draw to land+gas or gas+bolt.If needed he can also deal 6 on the offense if you have multiple creatures in play

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  2. Hi Caleb.
    In the age of surgical in main decks I think that we must wear an Empty in the main. If surgical chooses grapeshot, we can win the g1. What do you thing about?
    My english is not perfect, srry, and thanks for your time. You help me to become a better storm player.


  3. Hi Caleb, thank you so much for everything you do. You have really helped me learn and love storm. Are you willing to sign cards? Thanks again for teaching so many people like me about storm, I’ve been having a blast with it.


  4. Hi again.
    How many copies of fiery islet we will use in the deck over shivan reef? Because I won buy the islets now, the price can be higger in a few time I think.
    Thank you very much.


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